Poster of BattleBlock Theater Genres: action, arcade, platformer
Year of release: 2014
Developers: The Behemoth

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2.8 Ghz
RAM: 1 Gb
Videocard: 512 MB
Disk Space: 1.84 GB

Type: RePack
Crack: Included (SSE)
Game Version: v1.4 - Full Last Version

BattleBlock Theater is a very unusual platformer in which you have to go to a strange island crowded with cats and try to get away from it together with your rescued friend

The game's plot revolves around some travelers, who suddenly become shipwrecked and find themselves on a strange island. The inhabitants of this island are cats, mean, nimble, and they hate everyone who comes near them. They immediately kidnap a friend of the main characters and turn him into their puppet. You yourself or in cooperative mode with a friend will have to go on a dangerous journey through dozens of levels in order to save your friend and get out of here. 

The best part of BattleBlock Theater is the cooperative mode, which is exactly what the developers originally intended. Playing in co-op, players can interact with each other. For example, you can throw each other into hard-to-reach places in order to get the next treasure, or to swim across the gap on the corpse of a partner, or throw the friend to the enemy. There are a lot of options..


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Overall, gameplay boils down to standard platformer mechanics. You have to go through various levels, collect gems and golden balls, unlock secret passages, overcome obstacles, solve simple physics puzzles and just have fun. As for the collection of stones and golden balls of wool, so for them you can buy new heroes and weapons. By the way, you can pass the level here only if the required number of stones is collected - after that there is a pass to the boss level..

Well, in addition to the story campaign there is also an arena mode, which can participate in various mini-games up to 4 players at once. Here the levels are like tests, which is won by the player who collects the maximum number of experience points.
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- Setup time ~ 1 minute
- Game version 1.4

- In-game saves are tied to your Steam ID.
- Emeralds and balls are not saved on pirate version.
- Savings location - Folder_Games/Game/Save.

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Game Version: v1.4 - Full Last Version
Download Size: 1.7 GB

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