Poster of Battlefield 4 Genres: Action, shooter, first-person
Year of release: 2013
Developers: DICE
Operating system: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Athlon X2 (2.8 Ghz) / Core 2 Duo (2.4 Ghz)
RAM: 4 Gb
Videocard: AMD Radeon HD 3870 / Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT
Disk Space: up to 69 GB
Type: RePack
Crack: Included (Christsnatcher + ZLOrigin)
Game Version: v179547 - Full Last Version + all DLC + multiplayer

Battlefield 4 - Is the twelfth in the series First Person Shooter game with open world, immense possibilities, interactive environment, and battles that make your hair stand on end

And the first thing I'd like to say, that Battlefield 4 is a little different from the previous part, at least in terms of gameplay. Although the events clearly take place in a different setting and concern new characters. So, this time you will have to take control of Sergeant Daniel Reker, who is an elite unit member, and who is sent to Azerbaijan to reveal the whole series of intrigues and conspiracies.

However, the storyline has never been the strong point of the series . A much more important element has always been the gameplay. But I would like to say that it has changed little in comparison with the previous third part. For example, you will still have a lot of different weapons that you can upgrade and modify with sights, gripes, fronts and everything that is revealed as you level up your character. There is still the external customization of the character that allows you to change the soldier's camouflage, and the military equipment is still there.

Just like in the previous game, here you can fly fighters on huge open maps, sit at the controls of combat or reconnaissance helicopters, take control of BMP or tanks, and even drive awesome armored cars. All in all, there's plenty of tech to go around


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But in all other aspects of the game remains the same. For example, you will still have four specialization classes, and each class is still responsible for leveling up certain abilities, weapons, and more. All you have to do is participate in numerous duels, win, kill as many weapons as possible, unlock new models for pumpable weapons, and help your team win victories. By the way, the ability to create squads in Battlefield 4, too, did not disappear anywhere
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- Single mode takes: ~10 minutes on 8 threads; ~20 minutes on 4 threads. Installation with multiplayer mode takes about twice as long
- To change the language (text+interface) use REG-files in the folder "_Language Changer" at the root of the game
- The audio language is changed in the game settings How to play in multiplayer? - Install the re-pack with multiplayer files (tick the ZLOrigin/ZClient box to your liking)
- If you install the repack with ZLOrigin/ZClient - the appropriate installers will run at the end of the installation of the repack. Otherwise you can manually run them in the _Redist folder
- Install ZLOrigin, but DON'T START IT just yet, close the tray window/icon
- When installing ZCLient, accept the ZLO certificate, otherwise the multiplayer will not work
- Register a new account at this site:
- Enter your ZClient login/password, and minimize the window
- Run ZLOrigin from the icon on your desktop - it will log you in automatically if ZCLient is running
- In the section "My Games" Right click on Battlefield 4 and select "Check for updates". Wait until ZLOrigin finishes the verification (he will update some .exe/.dll)
- Start the game through the menu in ZLOrigin, in the multiplayer section go to the list of servers and play
- You can play single-player mode offline at any time - just close ZLOrigin and start the game from the icon "Battlefield 4 - Offline" on desktop

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Game Version: v179547 - Full Last Version + all the DLC + multiplayer
Download Size: 25.54 GB

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