Poster of Bloodbath Genres: action, simulation, indie
Year of release: 2019
Developers: FelixFilip

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v0.4.0T (Last)

Bloodbath is a very simple toy, undemanding, without a plot per se, but with a very unusual theme. Here we are talking about torture, the most brutal, in the most different ways..

So, as already mentioned above, there is no special plot in this game. All you have to do is torture the person they give you as a victim. You can do anything with it. You can saw it, throw a heavy object at it, cut off a limb or come up with something cruel and sophisticated. All in all, you will need imagination and creativity. 

As you torture, you will unlock new content, new types of torture and tools with which to carry out the bloodiest and most unusual actions. For example, after a while you will have a firearm at your disposal that can be used to shoot your victim's limbs and body. And after a while you'll get access to the torture weapons that will make you feel even more terrified. Saws, blocks, rotating blades, weapons, both firearms and bladed weapons, and much, much more will be available to you during the torture.


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It is notable, that the person you are going to make fun of has emotions. He can make a frightened face, show pain or surprise, show horror and not only. There you go, seeing his emotions, try not to stop..

What's equally cool is that Bloodbath uses an unusual. But at the same time, realistic physics. The character will roll with the blows in the right directions, will lose balance, will bleed from the blows in the most vulnerable places and die even from a single blow if it will have to the head, for example, or an important organ.
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Game Version: v0.4.0T (Last)
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