Poster of Bulb Boy Genres: Adventure, Horror, Quest
Year of release: 2015
Developers: Bulbware

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3
RAM: 2 Gb
Videocard: Intel HD 4000
Disk Space: 2 GB

Type: License
Crack: Not required (DRM-Free - GoG)
Game Version: v20171019 - Full Last Version + DLC

Bulb Boy - adventure platformer with an admixture of horror and puzzles, in which players are invited to unravel a very complicated story. A grim story, horror and nightmares, puzzles and riddles, and much, much more awaits you..

The game's plot revolves around an unusual boy with a round, glowing head like a light bulb. He lived a quiet life with his grandfather and his pet, but one day something happened. After his grandfather fell asleep late at night, the boy decided to watch some more TV and go to sleep, but it was not sleep that awaited him, but nightmares that began to materialize immediately after a brief awakening. After waking up the boy found an empty house, arising out of nowhere shadows of evil monsters, and most importantly, he has not found his grandfather with a pet. Now he needs to find them by all means..

Gameplay in Bulb Boy is fairly simple and based on the traditional mechanics of the genre. There are numerous puzzles, mostly physical, adventure, horror elements, puzzles, dialogues with characters, and very unusual but colorful characters.


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The main character, this is no ordinary boy, but the most real light bulb. His head can detach and attach to other bodies, and if need be, his head can even be hidden in a secluded place away from enemies. By the way, that's how most of the puzzles in this game are solved. Somewhere you'll have to rearrange your head on a knight's armor, somewhere you'll have to jump over chandeliers, and somewhere you'll have to resort to illogical actions. There are more than enough options. 

Solve puzzles, pass through locations, interact with various characters and explore the world around you, look for key items and interact with the environment, and most importantly, deal with what happened.
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Add-on (DLC): Soundtrack Remastered

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Game Version: v20171019 - Full Last Version + DLC
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