Poster of Celestial Genres: action, simulation, adventure, survival, 1st person
Year of release: 2019
Developers: Caboose413

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v0.8.5 - Full Last Version

Celestial is a very atmospheric, cool and unusual space survival game that invites you to go to an uncharted unknown planet and try to survive on it..

According to the plot, humanity has finally mastered space travel over short distances. But only now has a warp drive been invented, which the protagonist is tasked with testing in space. The command is allowed to try to use the engine with the purpose of travel a few thousand kilometers with subsequent rapid return, but alas, the engine failed and began to overheat, after which the protagonist with the ship was sucked into a black hole. Well, the rest is even simpler - you woke up next to a small planet and decided to descend to it, because there is only a few hours of energy left in the ship. 

But descending to the planet's surface you are not saved, but only begin your journey, an adventure. Now you need to survive, no matter what it takes. Thankfully, you have everything you need to do this.


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Celestial's overall gameplay is based around three stages of survival. The first stage is an exploration of the world around him. This world is huge, unusual, unpredictable and very beautiful, and the most important is that you can go anywhere you want. The second stage is building a base and full-fledged survival. You can create special blocks, which will consist in the future of your base, build protective structures, solar panels and more. And don't think it's easy - trust me, building each new block or item will require the utmost effort from you. And the third stage is to find resources and a way to go home. 

By the way, everything here takes place in first-person view. You will travel, gather resources, build a base, and even fight against alien inhabitants. In general. Get ready for a real adventure..
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Game Version: v0.8.5 - Full Last Version
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