Poster of Close the Windows, Lock the Doors Genres: action, indie, arcade
Year of release: 2019
Developers: Excel

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: Full Last Version

Close the Windows, Lock the Doors is a funny and at the same time brutal survival game, in which you have to play a role of some evil spirit, who feeds solely on human blood..

The game takes place on a strange little island, where unsuspecting people have lived for a long time. They did not even know that with them on the island lives and evil spirit, the devil, who sooner or later will come out hunting and try to kill them. But don't think that you will have to save yourself from him the whole game and survive - in fact, you will be playing for the opposite side, for that very evil spirit, and your main task will be as such survival in the endless hunt for humans. 

Despite the fact that outwardly the game looks like the simplest pixel "indie project", Close the Windows, Lock the Doors is able to amaze you with its atmosphere and gameplay. The gameplay is worth special attention. During the course of your adventures you will wander around the huge island with the aim of finding as many victims as possible, you will do your best to chase humans, who can sometimes be very clever and cunning, shed blood on the expanses of small villages, plan your attacks and do much more.


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The most interesting thing is that here the game itself will provoke you to endless motion. You have to act very, very fast in most cases. People are not only constantly on the move and searching for new places to hide, but your strength is constantly decreasing - the more time you are without blood, the higher the chances are that you will die. 

Here you will have to plan attacks on people, arrange sorties, use stealth skills, attack people and try to corral them, and generally do just unbelievable things.
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