Poster of Cloud Gardens Genres: Simulation, sandbox, indie
Year of release: 2021
Developers: Noio

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Dual Core (2.4 Ghz)
RAM: 1 Gb
Videocard: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT (512 MB)
Disk Space: 690 MB

Type: Pirate
Crack: Included (Goldberg)
Game Version: v1.0.6 (05.09.21) - Full Last Version

Cloud Gardens is a mixture of a logic puzzle game and a sandbox. Here you will have to transform various industrial objects and places that will sparkle with the beauty of nature. It sounds complicated, but in fact it's pretty simple..

The essence of the game is simple and lies in the transformation of various industrial abandoned objects. You will have a variety of seeds at your disposal with which you can sow areas of the map. Later, from these seeds will grow plants, which will transform objects, endowing them with beauty, green lush branches of bushes, flowers, and not only. In other words, you will have to use the power of nature and all its beauty to transform the gray places devastated by industry into beautiful nature reserves. 

The range of locations here is simply impressive. Abandoned hangars and various industrial buildings, huge pipelines with nothing but dirt and gray around them, an abandoned lighthouse and everything of the sort - this is by no means a complete list of what will be at your disposal. At the beginning each such location will look very gray and ugly, but after your penetration into the area, and after a number of processes, you can see how this place transforms and gains beauty, vitality, and not only. Before you know it, the gray terrain, strewn with rust and dirt, will be covered with green, leafy trees, falling vines. It's going to be interesting..


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The atmosphere in Cloud Gardens is simply inexpressible. The whole process is accompanied by a beautiful track, birds are flying in the sky, nature is playing with the weather, and the greenery that covers everything around - all this creates the most beautiful atmosphere, which you can just enjoy. By the way, you can play this game in several modes - there are typical for such projects levels on the passage, as well as the usual sandbox mode.
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Game Version: v1.0.6 (05.09.21) - Full Last Version
Download Size: 688 MB

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