Poster of CONSCRIPT Genres: action, horror, logical, zombie
Year of release: 2021
Developers: Catchweight Studio

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: Demo Version (Last)

CONSCRIPT is a mixture of two-dimensional adventure horror and side-scrolling action where you have to try to overcome a long way through catacombs, trenches and crowded with monsters in the role of usual French soldier..

You will play the role of an ordinary French soldier, a conscript enlisted during the war in 1916. It would seem that he is now destined to become a hero or fall a heroic death in a typical battle. But it is far from that. The main character will have to try to find his missing brother, and in order to do this he will have to overcome incredible distances, fight with various enemies, and not only. The path will lie through abandoned forts, catacombs crowded with monsters and zombies, trenches, dangerous no man's land, and other equally dangerous locations. Believe me, it will be very difficult.

The gameplay itself here is not that complicated, and offers fairly simple mechanics and processes. Together with the main character you will explore dark and sometimes very dark locations, along the way to collect useful objects and resources to fight with enemies, among which will be and monster-zombies, and ordinary soldiers, and do much more. The game offers nothing principally new, in fact, if not to take into account the unique atmosphere.


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Nevertheless, to pass the game will be unreal difficult. Monsters will kill you in seconds, and getting a fatal bullet from the enemy here is also easy. You need to be prepared for everything without exception, to show maximum attention, and not only. Explore dark and gloomy locations, be on guard every second and try not to miss, shooting from enemies, overcome obstacles and study the surroundings in order not to get lost, and most importantly, find your lost brother.

CONSCRIPT also features simple but very interesting puzzles, lots of different weapons, and much more. All in all, it will be interesting..
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Game Version: Demo Version (Last)
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