Poster of Crimson Keep Genres: Action, Role-playing Games, First Person
Year of release: 2018
Developers: Ian Atherton, Ben Rog-Wilhelm

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit
Processor: Core 2 Duo
RAM: 2 Gb
Videocard: 512 MB, DirectX 11
Disk Space: 1.8 GB

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v1.8011 - Full Last Version

Crimson Keep is a first-person action-adventure game in which you must descend into a mystical dungeon overflowing with undead, monsters and different creatures..

The whole point of this game is that you need to overcome a whole chain of dungeons and caves, which are inhabited by a variety of creatures. Somewhere you will encounter headless monsters with human bodies, somewhere bloody creatures, and somewhere you will encounter something out of the ordinary. But you will not be unarmed. You will have a really powerful and cool weapon with different characteristics. 

At first, all you'll have is a small staff like a magic wand, from which you can emit fireballs at your enemies. Then you will get a knife, that will make hacking your enemies much more enjoyable, and then you will get a weapon, that will make even bosses squeal.


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Weapons, like the magic you will wield, can be upgraded. You will gain experience as you progress through the levels, as well as a variety of bonuses that can be spent in the future on weapon upgrades and its characteristics, and of course, to improve the magical abilities. Also, you will be able to choose the specialization (class) of the character, which will give you even more bonuses. And on top of everything else, you'll find all kinds of loot. This can be a variety of weapons, equipment, provisions (your hero may get hungry) medicine, and more. 

As for the levels of the dungeon, so they are generated on a procedural level, which means that each time passing the same level you will encounter new enemies, new traps and obstacles, new loot and bonuses.
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Game Version: v1.8011 - Full Last Version
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