Poster of Dungeon Keeper 2 Genres: 1-person strategy
Year of release: 1999
Developers: Bullfrog Productions
Operating system: Windows 95, 98, XP, 7
Processor: Pentium 200
RAM: 32 MB
Videocard: 8 MB
Disk Space: 1 GB
Type: RePack
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v1.7 - Full Last Version

Dungeon Keeper 2 - is a dungeon simulator that continues the already popular series. You will once again have to go to the underworld and become the new guardian, who needs to take over the world at all costs

The main events of the game take place in a fantasy underground world, in which you will be the most real lord. You'll play the role of a dark lord who must, by all means, find a way to escape to the surface in order to carry out his plan to take over the world. And such a way has been found - To do this, you just need to grab 20 portal gems, and use them to open a special portal. That's what you'll be doing

As for gameplay, so it in Dungeon keeper 2 can still be divided into three parts. The first part is based on the pumping of the dungeon itself and its development. The second part is based on battles with numerous enemies, which will include heroes from the surface. And the third part, is the fulfillment of story quests.

The most interesting part is the dungeon progression. Here you will be the ruler, king and master, and you will rule over a bunch of different monsters and creatures. Goblins, various mythical creatures. giants, evil witches, and more - They will all obey you and do whatever you want. Some you will have to send to dig new underground mines, others to extract resources, and still others to guard the dungeon.


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One of the game's most important features is that everything happens in an overhead view, but you can switch to first-person view at any time by inhabiting any subordinate of yours. This feature adds action to the game and allows you to experience the full atmosphere of the dungeon.

Complete quests, fight heroes that infiltrate your world, destroy bosses, find gems, and try to open a portal to the surface to enslave and destroy the entire world of light
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RePack from Sash HD
- Nothing cut / transcoded
- In the installer added the ability to choose your language and the language of the interface
- Game version 1.7
- Installation time - 2 minutes Launching the game Windows 7 1. Activate compatibility mode under Windows 2000.
Right-click on the game's shortcut - Properties - Compatibility - put a tick mark and select Windows 2000.
2. In the same menu (Compatibility) you need to tick the "Turn off visuals".

3. disconnecting other programs that are running, because They can interfere with DK2.
4. On the tab "Label" there is a menu "". There is a path to the file. After this path, you need to add the following data: -softwarefilter -32bitdisplay. i.e. You will have something like: "D:\games\Dungeon Keeper 2\DKII.EXE" -softwarefilter -32bitdisplay
5. If you have only a black background instead of graphics in the menu, you need to do the following: enter the game, go to the graphics menu, turn off hardware acceleration. Without leaving the game, start a new mission. Because you see only a black square, you will have to hit at random, but once the mission starts, the graphics will be restored.
6. After starting the mission, exit the game in the main menu. Then log out of Windows, to save our settings. It's all ready, enjoy!

Alternative solutions to the problem with running the game and correct functionality.
I. Go to your video card settings. Disable dkii in the program settings.exe all options of all functions (Streaming optimization - DISCONNECT MUST) (GForce users)
II. While the game is running run the Task Manager and for the process dkii.exe Set the match to a single core (in multicore processors) If the game crashes often you can try THIS! If it crashes often, you need to defragment.
If it does not help, you will have to take the following measures:
1. Download
Rename original DKII.exe in the game's folder (e.g. in DKII-.exe and copy to the same DKII folder.exe from the folder "DK2XPfix". This is the NoCD. It will not play clips in the game, but it's the only way to play Dungeon Keeper almost without crashes.

2. Download Application Compatability Toolkit.msi (11MB).
Install it.
Run the file:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5\Compatibility Administrator\Compatadmin.exe
Press Open, select the file you want to copy, then press OK "DK2 1.7 UK UnWrapped.sdb" folder "DK2XPfix" and open. After the File menu, click Install.
Make sure the DKII file is compatible.exe still standing Windows XP Service Pack 2.
Reboot your computer and try to play again.
You can try different resolutions, but for me on 1024x768 crashes often, but on 800x600 is pretty stable.
You can turn off different video driver settings for better stability, but if it's already stable, there's no need to do it.
If all of the above did not help put a virtual machine on it pump Win98 install the game on the machine and play.

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Game Version: v1.7 - Full Last Version
Download Size: 709 MB

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