Poster of Eat The Rich Genres: simulator, indie
Year of release: 2019
Developers: CallOfTheVoid

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: Last

Eat The Rich is an arcade entertainment game with unusual physics, which the developers themselves are positioned as a simulator of shopping chaos on Black Friday. Yes, yes, it's Black Friday that's at the head of all gameplay..

This game has no storyline. There is only one single goal - to take out as many items, goods, from the store, which the game provides. For each item you bring to the cash register you will get money, which, in turn, will be put aside in a certain proportion in the bank. Later, this money can be spent on various bonuses. But now for the main thing..

The main point here is that you will be controlling an entire crowd as a single living organism. You can have as many as two people or as many as thirty at once, but you will control them all as one. You can not control one character separately, unfortunately. Your customers are a buying organism that you must satiate with as many merchandise as possible. Walk up to the store shelves and humanly stick themselves to those items, which will then be carried to the cash register.


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The point is that time for buying in Eat The Rich is not given much, and counted only the goods that hit the cash register. That is, you need both time and goods to catch up as much as required under the terms of the level. 

After a dozen levels you will be able to earn money to buy more man, to get a bonus to time and buy a variety of additional bonuses. All this will help you to create such trading chaos in the end, that no store has ever dreamed of on Black Friday. Anyway, have fun..
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