Poster of Everything Genres: simulation, RPG, indie
Year of release: 2017
Developers: David OReilly

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Dual-Core (2 Ghz)
RAM: 8 Gb
Videocard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon
Disk Space: 2 GB

Type: License
Crack: Not required (DRM-Free - GoG)
Game Version: v1.06.01 - Full Last Version

Everything is an unusual, unique, fascinating game that belongs to the simulator genre, but based not on driving steep cars and not on controlling an airplane or a train, but on ordinary life..

As you've probably figured out from the title, this is a simulation of consciousness, a simulation of life. Essentially, the game invites the user to become whatever they want to be. There is no limit - you can become a horse if you get in the way, you can become a coin, a paper clip, a car, be it a truck or a car, an airplane, a cockroach, a deer, or anything else. Everything depends only on the user's desire and ability - no restrictions, no bans, no plot tie-in. 

By the way, yes, as for the plot - at the moment as such there is no plot, the player is given a huge world, the universe on which he can travel. All the player needs is to live, and it does not matter in whose guise. True, sometimes survival is not so easy - it all depends on whom the user decides to move his consciousness, because every creature and object has its own life, its own dangers and horrors, its own preferences and goals.


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With all this being said, the gameplay is accompanied by quite interesting musical accompaniment, and excellent voice acting of the surrounding world. Everything in the "Everything" universe is voiced as it should be, and all sounds correspond to the real ones from the real world. 

As for the graphics and visual design, so there is something to be disappointed about - the detail of the area and the whole environment is not what you would like to see in a game of this genre, although, again, in contrast to the cartoon and unrealistic graphics there are two factors, one of which is too extensive universe, which you do not meet even in the most famous "RPG", and the second - the style of the game itself, not seen in the game industry before. 

Anyone who decides to download the simulator Everything will be given the opportunity to be in our world what in real life to be will not work - a chair, a fly, a mosquito, a car, a unit of money, a piece of paper, or even an ordinary molecule.
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Game Version: v1.06.01 - Full Last Version
Download Size: 1.18 GB

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