Poster of Fallen A2P Protocol Genres: strategy, RPG
Year of release: 2015
Developers: Red Katana
Operating system: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Dual Core (2 Ghz)
RAM: 2 Gb
Videocard: Intel HD 4000
Disk Space: 1 GB
Type: RePack
Crack: Included (PLAZA)
Game Version: v1.1.2 - Full Last Version

Fallen: A2P Protocol - A tactical turn-based role-playing strategy game in which you'll have to embark on a long journey with a paramilitary caravan and mercenaries for revenge

The game takes place in a world that has survived the apocalypse. Cities destroyed, humanity has lost nearly half of its mass, people are divided into many factions and are now trying to just survive in the vast new world. Well, you have to lead the militarized caravan which is rushing along the desert roads. Revenge, battles, a sea of new events, and adventures await you that not all

Gameplay here is based primarily on tactical battles in large arena maps. You will fight a variety of enemies, sabotage and ambush, try to survive, perform tasks, and more. But the main thing is to survive

As you journey through the apocalyptic world, you can develop your characters, pump up over two dozen unclassed skills and abilities, arm your mercenaries, train them to shoot, and more. But remember, the world is in an apocalypse, ammo and provisions are scarce, and you have to save. Think through your every move, shoot only when there is no chance of missing, and survive.


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The first thing to note about Fallen: A2P Protocol is the destructibility of the environment and its interactivity. You can destroy shelters and destroy buildings, blow up cars, and use destructibility to your advantage. For example, you can collapse the building on your enemy, who is hiding in it, or you can hide behind the debris of the walls.

And it's also worth mentioning that in this game, the battle will be heavily influenced by the weather and the environment. You will have to learn how to overcome difficulties and adapt to a variety of conditions.
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Game Version: v1.1.2 - Full Last Version
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