Poster of First Cut Genres: arcade, fighting, indie
Year of Release: 2018
Developers: Drasnus

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v29.11.2021 - Early Access [Last Version]

First Cut is a one-hit-kill game in which you'll have to engage in unusual samurai duels. Battles, timings, a complex combat system, and epic finishing blows await you..

There's no story in this game - it's just a fighting game with a dash of swordsmanship in which you have to fight different opponents in "1 VS 1" mode. By the way, you can play this game in cooperative mode (player vs. player) or in battle mode with the AI. But don't think that to win in this game will be easy - in fact it is much more difficult to beat your opponent here than in any standard fighting game. 

First Cut gameplay is based on a simple control system. You will be able to move forward or backward, inflict different blows, block attacks of the enemy, parry and more, using only a few buttons. Mastering the controls here is easy. What is much more difficult is to calculate everything in such a way that managed to strike a single fatal blow.


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Dying in First Cut and losing in seconds is easy. Just one wrong move, one extra hit, and that's it, you lose. Especially since the characters die at the mere touch of your sword. There is no life gauge, no energy or anything else. In order to win, you will have to use cunning, planning, reaction, and calculation. And by the way, the last is the most important, because only having calculated the enemy and using the timings wisely, you can inflict damage to your enemy and win!. 

Well, in addition to all of the above, it is worth mentioning the variety of arenas, the most beautiful, even if pixelated backgrounds, epic death knocks and bloody all happening on the screen. Fight, win, learn new strokes and combinations, and most importantly - don't let the enemy catch you..
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Game Version: v29.11.2021 - Early Access [Last Version]
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