Poster of Flattened Genres: survival, indie, 1st person
Year of release: 2019
Developers: zsansubar

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v22.01.2021 (Last)

Flattened is a very small. But at the same time an interesting survival game in which you have to survive in different conditions, escaping from huge 150-meter-long people walking around..

According to the plot you will be one of the participants of an unusual TV show, which is held for the purpose of entertainment by huge people who came from another universe. These are the same people, but only 150 meters tall. They briskly stride through city streets, beaches, and neighborhoods, and crush everything in sight, be it small people, animals, entire buildings, or cars. Your task in this TV show is to survive. 

But don't think it will be easy. Firstly, you can not confront and defend against giants, because they do not take ordinary weapons, and in general, it would be foolish to confront such a size. Secondly, these giants are clever and cunning, and can change direction at any moment and try to crush you. Thirdly, you can't get away from them because they have a bird's eye view of everything and everyone.


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Flattened events can take place on different locations. So far, the developers have already added one extreme location, and two spacious. Extreme location, this is a beach area with only one single road on which the giant man moves back and forth. But you can choose the city or the outskirts of the city - these maps are more spacious and allow you to avoid contact with the giant for a long time. You will need to run along the roads, trying to survive, and at the same time collect special coins-pictograms. 

By the way, you can choose your enemy yourself. Three kinds of women, as many men, and even a Fury are now available.
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Game Version: v22.01.2021 (Last)
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