Poster of Forge and Fight Genres: action, sandbox, third person
Year of release: 2019
Developers: Flamebait

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: (Last)

Forge and Fight is perhaps the most unusual combat simulator in recent times. The thing is that this game simulates not the battle - here simulates the creation of medieval gladiator weapons, which you will then destroy the enemies in different arenas..

The essence of the game is the following - you will participate in medieval gladiatorial battles in arenas reminiscent of the indoor Colosseum, but to fight you need a weapon that you yourself will create in a special menu from a variety of elements. The same weapons you can later test in the arena, killing a variety of enemies with the same unusual swords, maces, sledgehammers and more. 

The process of creating weapons in Forge and Fight is simple enough. In a special menu you will need to select the different elements from which you will create the weapon itself. First you will need to choose a handle: sword, spear, axe, whip or something else. Then to this handle you can hook a blade from any weapon, or a special tee, for example, from which in three different directions will go the continuation of the weapon. And then hit everything you've got at your disposal.


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In the end you will be able to create an unusual sword with three ends on a spear hilt, or a deadly axe with a chain or extra blades on the end, or even a rotating "meat grinder" or heap of blades, which will chop your enemies right and left. 

And then everything is simple enough. You will only need to take the weapons you have created and go to one of the many arenas, where you will fight your choice against other players who create equally interesting weapons, or against bots armed with primitive, but no less powerful edged weapons. True, the combat system is rather simple and does not allow you to do wonders in the arena - there are only a few kinds of blow, and the ability to run around the arena.
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