Poster of Forza Horizon 5 + Online Genres: arcade, racing, simulation
Year of release: 2021
Developers: Playground Games
Operating system: Windows 10 (64 bit version 15063.0)
Processor: Intel i3-4170 (3.7 Ghz) / Intel i5 750 (2.67 Ghz)
RAM: 8 Gb
Videocard: NVidia GTX 760 / AMD RX 460, DirectX 12
Disk Space: 102.2 GB
Type: License
Crack: Included (Crackfix-CODEX)
Game Version: v1.417.812.0 - Full Last Version + all 9 DLC + Online

Immerse yourself in a series of insane high-speed races when you start playing Forza Horizon 5, go to Mexico with its diverse landscapes and the most unusual locations for racing, access the largest open world in the series, and get behind the wheel of one of the most legendary cars

Not much is known about the plot of the game at the moment, but considering the experience of the developers and the traditions of the series as a whole, we can safely say that the new game will focus players' attention exclusively on racing. And yes, the new game has a huge open world, a lot of different modes, new technical features, a lot of realistically recreated licensed vehicles, and much more.

The main advantage of the new game is a huge open world, the biggest in the history of the series, and the fact that you can download Forza Horizon 5 torrent here. Mexico, which is exactly where you will go when you start playing, will be represented by dozens of unique biomes, each of which stands out for its climate, features, landscapes and more. Here you will race through snow-covered mountains, dense jungle, deserts and even ancient ruins. Plus, you will find beaches, canyons, and even a location with an active volcano. In general, start playing and see for yourself.

Autopark - Another great thing about Forza Horizon 5. More than a hundred licensed realistically recreated vehicles await you here, each with its own unique characteristics. And with such an extensive range of vehicles, you'll also find tons of extras and customization elements, including dodgers, wheel rims, and more.


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You will be able to try them all if you download Forza Horizon 5 here, plus you will have all the additions that will expand your possibilities in the game. In addition to the usual career mode, where you can make your character a real champion, there are also cooperative and multiplayer races, various tests and even mini-games.

And of course, you can't help but be pleased with the graphics and realism, which have moved to a whole new level of quality. You'll encounter meticulously detailed biomes, weather-affected tracks that change throughout the race, an environment you can't help but marvel at, and much more!.

Features of Forza Horizon 5:
- Huge open world of Mexico with weather and climate conditions unique to each area;
- New game modes, including an elaborate story mode, new seasons and racing contests, co-op challenges and mini-games, and more;
- An extensive fleet of vehicles, including more than a hundred cars and dozens of unique dodgers;
- The highest level of realism, realistic physics and special effects, plus, the game displays in 4K resolution;
- Advanced character editor allows you to change hairstyle, voice, limbs and clothes.


1. Download Download
2. Copy the contents of the Crack folder into your game folder, confirming the replacement
3. Running the game from a file ForzaHorizon5.exe in game's main directory

Add-ons (DLC):
- Lot d'extensions Forza Horizon 5
- Forza Horizon 5 Car Pass
- Forza Horizon 5 Treasure Map
- Forza Horizon 5 Welcome Pack
- Forza Horizon 5 VIP
- Forza Horizon 5 Formula Drift Pack
- Forza Horizon 5 Expansion 2
- Forza Horizon 5 Expansion 1
- Forza Horizon 5 Expansions Bundle
Why the game may not run - Your Windows version does not meet the minimum system requirements
- Windows Store and/or Xbox app not installed or cut out
- If you have any overlay active (Discord, MSI Afterbuner, FPS Monitor etc.) game simply will not start. Disable them and try again.
- Antivirus. Disable similar things that you think protect you.
- Your inattention.

Creating a server for the game:
- Add friends on xbox live And call for you

Connecting to the servers:
- Accepting the invitation to the race

How to run:
1. Start Steam, go to your profile
2. Launch the game via ForzaHorizon5.exe

In the game:
Walk through the game until we open multiplayer

Accept an invitation from a friend or connect to any other server

Server Creation:
ESC - Online - Column - Create Column - Invitation Only - Invite your friends and wait for them to join.

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Game Version: v1.417.812.0 - Full Last Version + all 9 DLC + Online
Download Size: 102.15 GB

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