Poster of FTL: Multiverse + Genres: strategy, RPG, indie
Year of release: 2021
Developers: The Multiverse Team

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v5.0 Rus v1.0.5 - Full Last Version

Global mod FTL: Multiverse adds a huge amount of different innovations to the famous original game, including additional content, races and adventures, missions and quests, and more

Like the original game, here you too will take control of a whole spaceship, which you will have to lead a journey following you. You will have to plunge into a series of adventures, fight enemies and defend the honor of the race, destroy pirates and survive in harsh conditions, and in the end save the galaxy, which is not so easy.

In general it is still the same 2D spaceship command simulator, but the add-on adds a lot of content that helps you to get acquainted with the local universe and experience everything that happens in it.

When it comes to innovations, it's worth mentioning the addition of over five hundred new enemies to engage in fierce battles, a hundred new drones, and more than a hundred new weapons to upgrade your spaceship. Plus, downloading FTL: Multiverse torrent, you know that in this add-on you will find an expanded story, and even with new factions, races, and even sectors of the galaxy itself, in the expanses of which you will be operating.


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In this addition you will also get an updated combat system, a lot of innovations in terms of commands to the crew, even more gaming features, including sector mapping, rescue operations, and much more.

But in other respects FTL: Multiverse is a direct descendant of the original "Faster Than Light. Go to the vastness of the galaxy and fight against numerous enemies, survive, upgrade your spaceship, engage in numerous missions and perform a variety of tasks in the vastness of the galaxy, and just enjoy the advanced gameplay features.
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Game Version: v5.0 Rus v1.0.5 - Full Last Version
Download Size: 672 MB

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