Poster of Gauntlet Genres: arcade, action, RPG, adventure
Year of release: 2014
Developers: Arrowhead Game Studios

Operating system: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4 Ghz) / AMD Athlon X2 (2.8 Ghz)
RAM: 2 Gb
Videocard: 512 MB
Disk Space: 2 GB

Type: RePack
Crack: Included (MEX)
Game Version: v2.2 - Full Last Version + all add-ons

Gauntlet is one of the most famous "diabloids" of our time, a role-playing fantasy action-adventure with monsters, dungeons, battles, sea of different spells, and not only..

Events of the game take place in a fictional fantasy medieval world, where everything has long been ruled by force, magic and sorcery. You, as a local hero, will have to travel through endless dungeons and labyrinths with all kinds of monsters, boss battles, and more. 

As for the gameplay, in Gauntlet it is quite simple and based on the traditional for the genre mechanics. Here you will face battles with different monsters, epic battles with bosses, and magic with spells, and boosting the characters belonging to different classes, and geocaches, hidden locations, and everything else. The only thing missing here is the traditional loot collecting mechanic of the genre. 

There are not so many characters at the moment, but each character belongs to a certain class and develops in accordance with it, has unique abilities, skills, abilities and characteristics. For example, there's the Valkyrie, who wields nothing but spears and defends herself with a shield that can occasionally even be thrown at enemies. There is an elf archer - he fights with enemies, by holding the distance, shoots a bow, throws bombs, and is able to stun enemies in a small area (massively).


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Not without a warrior - a kind of barbarian, capable of chopping enemies with an axe and break through lines of defense. And then there is the magician - he wields elements, namely, fire, lightning, and ice, and moreover, is able to combine different attacks into one. 

But other than that, it's a typical action-role. Fight monsters, defeat enemies, crush bosses, level up, get stronger, learn different spells and pass the dungeons, and try not to die.
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RePack by R.G. Mechanics
- Game version 2.2
- Nothing cut out / transcoded

Extras (DLC):
- Mask of the Wyrm Slayer;
- The Spawn of Kerthuul;
- Azkog the Demon Slayer Weapon;
- Reapers Visage Helmet;
- Lilith the Necromancer Pack;
- Reaper's Glory;
- The Champion's Casque;
- Trophy of the Wyrm Slayer Helmet
- Champion's Crown Helmet;
- Mordok's Screaming Hammer;
- Juggernaut of Hakura Weapon;
- Giant's Bane Weapon.

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Game Version: v2.2 - Full Last Version + all add-ons
Download Size: 772 MB

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