Poster of Half-Life 1 Genres: action shooter, first person shooter
Year of release: 1998
Developers: Valve
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 500 MHz
RAM: 96 MB
Videocard: 16 MB
Disk Space: 500 MB
Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: Full Last Version + Multiplayer

Half-Life 1 - the most popular sci-fi first-person shooter, in which you expect firefights, sci-fi, a huge number of enemies and quests, great storyline and not only

The plot of the game revolves around a young employee of a research complex Gordon Freeman. He suddenly finds himself among the survivors of a catastrophe that happened during one of the secret experiments, and now he has to fight off numerous aliens from the Zen world who teleport to Earth through opening portals. You will have to pass through numerous locations, shoot back, perform tasks and even solve physical puzzles in his role.

As for the gameplay of Half-Life 1, it is based on the traditional mechanics that have become the key to the genre and laid the foundation of this genre. This includes shooting enemies in first-person view, physical puzzles, searching for loot, interacting with the environment, and many other equally important mechanics.

One of the features of this project is a partially open world, overflowing with not only enemies, but also civilians, and a huge number of rooms. And as for enemies, they include not only aliens, but also bosses, army soldiers, and unimaginable creatures.


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And the arsenal of weapons is simply impressive. Machine guns, shotguns, crossbows, sniper weapons, rocket launchers, experimental weapons like tau guns, mines, landmines, land mines, pistols, and even the famous crowbar that can be used to smash enemies' heads in close combat.

Pass through locations one after another, solve problems, complete numerous tasks, look for weapons and ammo, fight against aliens and heavily armed soldiers of the American army, and do your best to survive.
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- Half-Life versions: Protocol version 48, Exe version (valve), Exe build: 13:14:12 Aug 29, 2013 (6153)
- SETTI - Pirate Servers
- Valve - Licensed Servers
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): How to Start Half-Life
There are several ways to start the game:
1) Open the file "Run Half-Life.bat" in the game folder;
2) open the RUN_GAME file.exe with the -launch hl parameter.exe.
3) Open the RUN_GAME file.exe.

Error: Application failed to start because MSVCR100.dll was not found
You need to install the distributable package Microsoft Visual C++ 2010. Package installation file is located at "FAQ/vcredist_x86-2010sp1.exe".

Server Search does not work
Search doesn't always work right away. Try to run server search, after 15-20 seconds of waiting after starting the game. If it didn't help, have some patience and press the "Refresh all" At intervals of 5-10 seconds until you get a list of servers.
If the server still does not seek, replace the master server, as written in the answer below.

How to change the server search master
The master server can be automatically changed "FAQ/MasterServerChanger.exe".
To manually replace, you must change the master server IP in the rev file.ini (located in the game folder), in the MasterServer line, for example:
where, is the master server IP, change only the IP address, other strings are not recommended to change.

Game freezes
Most of the problems can be solved by cleaning the registry and completely reinstalling the game.
Open the file "Genres: 5" to clear the registry "FAQ/ValveCleaner.reg".

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Game Version: Full Last Version + Multiplayer
Download Size: 243.65 MB

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