Poster of House of Evil 2 Genres: horror, adventure, first person
Year of release: 2019
Developers: indie_games_studio

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
RAM: 4 Gb
Videocard: Nvidia Geforce 820m
Disk Space: 7.61 GB

Type: RePack
Crack: Included (CODEX)
Game Version: v1.0 - Full Last Version

House of Evil 2 is a first-person view horror game in which you have to go to a really dark place that exists in reality and try to figure out what's going on here..

It's about a mansion that, two years ago (before the events of the game), was suddenly deserted. No one knows where the main character's friends and tenants have disappeared to, and no one knows what happened here before. Only one thing is known - the main character suddenly saw his friend Mikhail, just missing in this mansion, and asked for help. Here is our hero, a guy named Max, once worked in the secret service, and decided to go to the mansion and find out where everyone is missing and why the locals are so afraid of this house. 

Going to the mansion as Max, you will have to examine it entirely. You will have to explore its every room, crack the locked doors, solve puzzles, both logical and physical, read notes and books, and do everything in order to understand what kind of unclean force has settled here. There really is something horrible living in this house..


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Every now and then, a resident here will try to attack you. But you will not have, not a weapon, not even an elementary tool - all you have is a picklock and the rooms of the mansion, where you can run wherever you want. Sneak around in the dark, hide, solve puzzles, read notes and pick locks, learn a few spells that exorcise demons, and try to survive in a house full of evil. But remember, from time to time demons will chase you and try to kill you - you'll have to act for sure, hide in closets, run away, hold your breath in the dark, and survive..
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Game Version: v1.0 - Full Last Version
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