Hello, we have prepared several options for downloading games:

Download game via Torrent

First, you can download the game via torrent. To do this you will need any torrent client, we recommend Qbittorret (wiki link)

So this is the order of things to get the game:

  1. Download torrent client (Official Site | Mirror)
  2. Download game torrent
  3. Add it to client
  4. After downloading run the installation of the game, or run the game immediately if it is already preinstalled

How to download via torrent

 Download by Download Studio

The easiest and most convenient way is to download the game via (Download Studio). Here you do not need to download a torrent client separately.

  1. Just click on the button "Download WITHOUT torrent"
  2. Run the resulting .exe and follow the instructions of the installer.
  3. After downloading you run setup.exe (install.exe) or immediately the game if it is pre-installed.

How to download via Download Studio



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