Poster of Hunger Souls Genres: action, shooter, first person, zombie
Year of release: 2020
Developers: liteside

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Hunger Souls is a zombie shooter with first-person perspective, in which you have to survive on the vast apocalyptic world, shooting crowds of different zombie enemies

Nothing is known about the storyline at this particular time. All we know is that there was an apocalypse in the world, after which people began to turn into zombies and devour each other. What led to all this, and how to save the world is unclear. One thing is clear - you have to survive in the expanses of this "new" "dead" world, in which there are much more walking dead than ordinary living people. Try to survive all the horrors and get out of the danger zone..

By the way, this is a typical indie game, but at the same time, this project can surprise players very, very much. For example, what is the atmosphere. Huge crowds, hordes of zombies attacking from all sides, a vast open vast world, a sea of blood, roars and terrifying footsteps in buildings - all this creates an atmosphere that cannot be described in words. Added to the atmosphere and the eternal lack of ammunition and weapons.


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You will have a variety of weapons at your disposal, which you will be able to find in the course of the game. But it's not so easy to find ammunition for weapons, especially in an environment of eternal persecution. No sooner have you got a new batch of ammo than you are running out of it because of the endless attacks of the "dead. You'll also need to look for all sorts of additional auxiliary loot, like first-aid kits, for example. 

Fight your way through the city to the exit of the danger zone, shoot endless hordes of enemies, flee from the walking dead, look for ammo and medical kits, shoot accurately and directly to the head, thus saving ammo, and survive, whatever it costs you. 
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