Poster of ICARUS Genres: action, survival, 1/3-person
Year of release: 2021
Developers: RocketWerkz
Operating system: Windows 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel i5 8400
RAM: 16 Gb
Videocard: Nvidia GTX 1060 (6 GB)
Disk Space: 51.5 GB
Type: Pirate
Crack: Included (CODEX)
Game Version: v1.1.1.89421 - Full Last Version + DLC

Go to the eerie yet very earth-like planet Icarus by starting to play ICARUS, descend to its surface together with your friends, survive and collect rare resources

Planet Icarus was once the hope of mankind. People wanted to turn it into a new Earth, and used innovative terraforming technology to do so. But something went wrong, and the planet that was supposed to be a new home for humans suddenly turned into a place that was simply not fit for humans. Many years have passed and people have once again returned to the planet Icarus. But now people were concerned not about creating a new home, but about the new resources that could be extracted there. It started , Hundreds of companies have begun to prepare shuttles with volunteers and send them to Icarus, and you will now become one of those who will get into one of the squads with volunteers, if of course you decide to download the ICARUS torrent and go to the planet.

You will have to leave the station in orbit of Icarus and go to the surface of the planet together with your companions to find more rare resources. Seemingly nothing unusual or super complicated, but in fact it is not. On the planet you will encounter things that are difficult to describe in a few words.


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First of all, the planet is not designed for human habitation, and you will have a limited time to stay there. You will have to get everything you need and get back to the station by shuttlecraft in time, otherwise you will die. Secondly the world of Icarus is too cruel and bloody, it is full of enemies and there will be dangers waiting for you at every step. Well, thirdly, here you will also have to survive, to craft, to invent ways to create objects that will help you survive. In general, it will not be easy.

What's cool about Icarus is that it's a PvE game that doesn't offer a solo sortie, but instead offers co-op missions with sorties for up to eight players. It will make you think not only about yourself, but also about others. Plus, participating in sorties together will be times more interesting.
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DLC (supplement): Supporters Edition

To start the game in the menu you have to choose "off-line".
!MUST block by any means the access to the Internet to the executable file of the game Icarus-Win64-Shipping.exe to the path ICARUS\Icarus\Binaries\Win64, otherwise you'll get an endless load.
To run the game with DirectX 12 create a shortcut to the file Icarus-Win64-Shipping.exe from the path ICARUS\Icarus\Binaries\Win64 and type -dx12 in the object field

1. Download to a convenient place
2. Starting the game with the Icarus file.exe in the main game directory

- Throw the contents of the archive into the folder ICARUS\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\Steamworks\Steamv147\Win64 confirming file swapping.
Why the game may not run? -
- Remove attribute "read only" From the folder with the game,
- Remove folder with game from torrent client before you start the game,
- Turn off antivirus, because it can block the launch of executable and/or additional files.
- As a last resort, download the entire game folder from scratch.

Download ICARUS for free on PC via or without torrent

Game Version: v1.1.1.89421 - Full Last Version + DLC
Download Size: 51.55 GB

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