Poster of Knife 2 Meat U Genres: action, arcade, open world, 3rd person
Year of release: 2019
Developers: vvspaceship

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: Alpha v03.13.2019 (Last)

Knife 2 Meat U - this is one of the most unusual simulator of our time, and all because it is a crab simulator. Here you will control an evil and very aggressive crab, taunt people, have fun and have fun..

So, according to the story, you're an ordinary live crab who happens to be in a swamp right outside the house of a certain couple. But the best part is that the claw of your main character, a crab, has a huge table knife that you can wave in different directions. But what to do next? How to get out of here? And who are these people? Here are the answers to these questions, and you just have to find your own. 

The main feature of Knife 2 Meat U, however, is the open world in which you can travel as much as you want. You can explore your surroundings, climb into cabinets, climb on tables and dump human food on the floor, crash and smash everything around, brawl, climb all kinds of surfaces and just have as much fun as you can. Also, don't forget about the humans, who at the sight of a crab with a knife in its claw begin to get nervous and shout.


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Another special feature of this game is the interaction with the surrounding world and objects. For example, you can find dynamite in people's cupboards, put it in the oven and wait for people to turn it on and explode, or you can just start wreaking havoc in the kitchen and watch as people panic and run from side to side. It would seem that nothing, but in fact it is very fun.
Run around a big open world, climb on different surfaces, smash everything around, swing a huge table knife and just have fun, terrifying people.
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Game Version: Alpha v03.13.2019 (Latest)
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