Poster of Krankenheit Genres: action shooter, first person shooter
Year of release: 2019
Developers: David Jalbert

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: Last

The Krankenheit is an atmospheric, sci-fi first person shooter with action, adventure, dozens of levels and even more challenges..

The plot of the game is about a mad scientist, Dr. Krankenheit, who has decided in the depths of his vast laboratory to create an army of mutants, who could help him implement his evil plans. To do this, he stole secret data from a bioengineering science center. But it so happened that the monsters he created were set free and began to destroy everything around them. Well, you have to go to the same laboratory and try to destroy every last one of them. 

The game is fairly simple and traditional first-person shooter, but it has a few important features. The first feature is the atmosphere, which is based on the immortal retro classics. Hand-created locations, dozens of levels, awesome atmosphere and more await you. The second feature is dynamic battles in which you will have to shoot off whole crowds of nasty enemies.


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Otherwise, the gameplay in Krankenheit is quite traditional and offers the traditional for the genre mechanics. You will run through levels, wander around huge locations, destroy enemies with everything in your hands, loot and perform numerous tasks. Nothing complicated..

What's really cool is the wide range of weapons that you'll find as you progress through the game. You will have powerful guns, futuristic rifles, various explosive items and more. All you have to do is rush forward, destroy your enemies and try to survive.
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