Poster of Life in Bunker Genres: Strategy, Sandbox
Year of release: 2016
Developers: Flox Studios Ltd.

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: NVIDIA GeForce 640M
RAM: 4 Gb
Videocard: NVIDIA GeForce 640M
Disk Space: 1 GB

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v1.02 (Build 1259) - Full Last Version

Life in Bunker is the ultimate bunker survival game. In this game you will have to take charge of an entire bunker and take control of all its inhabitants for as long as the surface of the earth remains uninhabitable..

Regain control of the bunker and its inhabitants, ensure that all systems function properly, keep life and its normal flow, keep your charges happy and do the chores that will turn life in the bunker into a dignified existence for the survivors. Here you have to do everything at once: manage every inhabitant of the bunker separately, deal with social aspects of survivors' life, build new rooms, equip the bunker, do research and make discoveries. Able to make people's lives easier.


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The social factor comes first. You have inhabitants with different characters, different abilities, skills, and even preferences, and each one needs to please. Some people are bored and need to be entertained, others are eager to work, and still others are idlers. Try to make sure that everyone benefits without exception.

Expand the bunker in depth and breadth, and complete it by adding new facilities and equipping it for its intended purpose. But remember, life in the bunker runs its course: people here marry, have children, grow old and die. You have to keep all the stages under strict control. And don't forget to keep an eye on the basic life support systems: keep an eye on the air, the waste, the facilities, the comfort, the provisions, and the sufficiency of everything a normal person needs to live.
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Game Version: v1.02 (Build 1259) - Full Last Version
Download Size: 147 MB

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