Poster of Mass Effect 2 Genres: action, shooter, RPG, adventure, third-person
Year of release: 2010
Developers: BioWare
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (3 Ghz) / AMD Athlon 64 (2.2 Ghz)
RAM: 1 Gb
Videocard: GeForce 7600GT / Radeon X1600XT (256 MB, with support SM3.0)
Disk Space: 16.7 GB
Type: RePack
Crack: Included (ViTALiTY)
Game Version: v1.02 - Full Last Version + all add-ons

Mass Effect 2 - is an action-adventure role-playing game in which you have to go to deep space, fight with a hostile race of Reapers, travel the Milky Way and save humanity. The story is centered around Captain Shepard, a brave officer in the Space Fleet, who is ordered to go on a dangerous journey. It's the XXII century, people have finally mastered space travel and learned how to colonize planets, but at the same time they have got a lot of enemies. One of these enemies turned out to be a race of bloodthirsty Reapers. Go on a journey, fight the Reapers, and try to save the race.

By the way, unlike the first part of the series, the second is more like a real RPG shooter with a third-person perspective. No corridor locations, no linear quests and restrictions. Now you are free and can perform any task as you see fit. And the most important novelty is that now you can at any time to ignore the story tasks and take on additional tasks, which will be assigned by numerous NPC.


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Space travel to different planets within the boundaries of the Milky Way plays almost the most important role, and that's even cool. First, you can now travel in space aboard the ship . Secondly, even during the flights you will control your character - On the ship, you can pick up gear, pick up new weapons, improve items, and level up. And thirdly - Space adventures, that's always fun!. With all of this you will find an expanded arsenal of weapons, the ability to take two companions on an adventure, a redesigned combat system, a lot of interesting events and encounters, clever NPCs and dialogues that affect the story and atmosphere of the game.
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Repack by xatab
- Game version: 1.02
- Edition: Special Edition
- Installed Revised Translation version 1.9.1
- Introduced a shortcut on the desktop to change the game settings.
- In the folder with the game created a folder "Activators" It has activators if anyone needs.
- Addon Repack has been activated.
- Installation time 8 minutes on HDD (Depends on computer)
The list of additions (DLC): - Blood Dragon Armour
- Inferno Armour
- Terminus Weapon and Armour
- Collectors' Weapon and Armour
- Cerberus Assault Armor | Assault Armor "Cerberus
- Umbra Visor | Visor Shadow
- Sentry Interface | Scout Helmet
- Recon Hood | Helmet Guardian
- The Arc Projector
- M-22 Eviscerator Shotgun
- M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle "Fang
- Aegis Pack | Set "Aegis
- Firepower Pack "Firepower
- Equalizer Pack | Set "Equalizer X

Character Appearance:
- Alternate Apperance Pack + update | package "Alternative Appearance" + update
- Alternate Apperance Pack 2 | package "Alternative Appearance #2

Global Additions:
- Additional character Zaeed
- Additional character Kasumi
- Normandy Crash Site
- Firewalker Pack | package "Lord of Flame
- Overlord | Overlord
- Lair of the Shadow Broker
- Arrival | Arrival
- Genesis | Beginning

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Game Version: v1.02 - Full Last Version + All Extras
Download Size: 7.56 GB

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