Poster of Mayhem Cars Genres: arcade, racing, indie
Year of release: 2019
Developers: Openfun

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v0.7.1 (Last)

Mayhem Cars is a very unusual vintage-style racing arcade game in which you will race with your opponents on a variety of tracks, win, be rewarded with cool cars and just have fun

There is no story in this game. It is just an arcade race, in which players are offered only fun. Have fun, have fun, have fun racing and try unique stunts. Do not forget that the main aim of your game is to win. You must make it to the finish line first, no matter what. But don't think it will be easy. First, you will be hindered by opponents controlled by artificial intelligence. Moreover, the opponents will not just overtake you, trying to win - they will also try to cunning, set you up, create problems. One may cut you off, another may try to turn at high speed, and the third one will even slow ahead of you to let the other pass ahead. And such options abound..

But for the victory you will receive points, which will calculate the level of reward. By winning another race, you can get several gift cars, each of which will be unique, both in terms of appearance and features.


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Also worth noting the physics. No, Mayhem Cars doesn't have realistic physics. On the contrary, it has very unusual, fake physics. But at the same time it is so that it makes you uncontrollably laugh: cars are flying aside from the slightest contact with the enemy, fly up in the sky when hitting obstacles, and in general, behave on the track extremely unpredictably.

Choose a car and a mode, set the race and go to the track. A lot of driving, racing, stunts and competitions with the most crazy opponents awaits you..
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Game Version: v0.7.1 (Last)
Download Size: 65 MB

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