Poster of Memories of Murder: Encounter in the Hidden Pines Genres: Item search, logical, quest
Year of release: 2018
Developers: Eipix Entertainment

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2.3 Ghz
RAM: 1 Gb
Disk Space: 648 MB

Type: License
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v1.0 (Collector's Edition) - Full Last Version

Memoirs of Murder: Welcome to Hidden Pines is an adventure detective quest in which you have to get in the middle of tragic events and take part in a murder investigation..

The events of the game begin at the moment when Mary and Aaron Fletcher are moving from the noisy huge metropolis to a small town called Hidden Pines. All was well, and what's more, a couple was even invited to a local get-together. Except something happened there as well - right after the walk, one of the two main characters ends up at the police and is accused of a crime he is clearly not guilty of. What to do? Why did it happen and who is the real culprit? That's what you'll have to try to figure out, and to do so you'll have to solve a lot of puzzles, collect evidence, talk to a lot of characters, and not only that. And by the way, at the beginning of the game you can even choose the character you will play..

What's really cool is the kind of atmosphere the developers have created in this game. Events, which sometimes seem to be fiction, riddles, puzzles, mysterious characters with whom you will have to communicate, bright, but sometimes frightening locations - all this creates an atmosphere, in which you are constantly on the alert, in which you always feel fear and anxiety.


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As far as gameplay goes, it in Memories of Murder: Encounter in the Hidden Pines is based on standard mechanics. It's a typical "Point and Click" quest at its core and you mostly just have to use your mouse. But the rest of the game is much cooler, because the gameplay is just overloaded with actions and various processes. You will have to communicate with the game characters, solve puzzles, solve riddles, explore various locations and look for clues. All in all, it will be really interesting.
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Game Version: v1.0 (Collector's Edition) - Full Last Version
Download Size: 640 MB

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