Poster of Package Man Genres: arcade, simulation, indie
Year of release: 2018
Developers: DoctorORBiT

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v1.3.1 (Last)

Package Man - a very simple idea arcade game, which the developers themselves positioned as a parcel delivery simulator. Although in reality there is almost no simulation, and the gameplay is primarily aimed at testing the reaction and marksmanship of the player..

The essence of the game is as follows - you are a parcel deliveryman who has to deliver packages in big boxes to the homes of the recipients on time. Your task is simple and is described in several stages: on the first stage you will have to load the required number of boxes into the back of the truck for the allotted time, and on the second stage you will have to deliver boxes directly to the homes of recipients. 

Except that if loading parcels is simple and involves only throwing boxes into the back, then the delivery will make you pretty nervous. In Package Man the parcel delivery looks like this: you appear in a car in the desired street, jump in the back, the car slowly drives down the street and you have to grab the boxes (packages) and drop them in the recipients' yards at that moment. 

The aim test is as follows - some parcels need to be thrown directly into the house windows (such windows are highlighted in white), and you get the experience points multiplier for getting the parcel into the right window. Throw in the right window on the fly? Get bonus! At the end of the ride, delivery points are tallied and scored. That's all! Nothing complicated!


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The only "but" is that as you pass the levels, the number of parcels grows, the time to load boxes into the car decreases, and the speed of the car during delivery increases. No special tasks or boosts here. The main thing is to boot in time and aptly throw the parcel into the right window aperture.
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Game Version: v1.3.1 (Last)
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