Poster of Portal Mortal Genres: Arcade, Platformer, Indie
Year of release: 2019
Developers: IsmoLaitela

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v0.8.1 - Early Access [Last Version]

Portal Mortal is an online platformer with an admixture of sandbox, in which players are invited to pass numerous levels with challenges, overcome obstacles and do much, much more..

Unfortunately, this project does not have a specific plot, but in fact it is for the best, because he would only distract from the gameplay, which seems to have been the focus of the developers. Although we can say a few words about the essence of the game - it is about overcoming various obstacles and hindrances on the way to the finish line, passing dozens of challenging levels, and solving physical puzzles. Overall. will be interesting..

As for gameplay, so it in Portal Mortal is based primarily on the use of special portals, which are the same. The player will be able to open the screen to overcome one obstacle or another. In the hands of the main character has a special device with which you can shoot at the point at which the portal should appear. That is, you stand on one platformer, shoot another platformer, and are abruptly transported there. It may seem that this skill makes the game too simple, but it is not true - the ability to open portals only makes the game more complex and interesting.


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The levels themselves are really interesting to pass. On some locations mazes of platforms and rooms, displayed in side-view mode, on others numerous tests are waiting for you, and on the third ones you will have to jump over the rotating circular saws, lava, and more. The goal is simple - to get from point "A" to point "B".

And in this game it is possible to create your own unique levels on which you can later compete with your friends on the network. Create levels and obstacle courses, overcome obstacles, and defeat..
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Game Version: v0.8.1 - Early Access [Last Version]
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