Poster of POSTAL 1 Genres: action, shooter, top view, arcade
Year of release: 1997
Developers: Running With Scissors

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Pentium 3 (750 MHz)
RAM: 128 MB
Videocard: 32 MB, DirectX 8
Disk Space: 800 MB

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: Full Last Version

POSTAL 1 is a very unusual action game with top view, overflowing with blood, violence, murders, gunfights and much more. The game is the first in the series and even today retains its popularity..

In the story you will play as an ordinary letter carrier, scared and burdened with a lot of problems, a man who is fed up with everything in life. And now, the key moment has arrived - the main character is so fed up with everything that he decides to pick up a machine gun and start killing all those who have ever offended him. But it's not just the assailants that are getting hit, it's all the civilians in the neighborhood. That's where it all starts. 

A vast and partially open locations, a sea of civilians, armed police officers, fire and destruction, screaming and blood - and in the center of it all you will be. Pass numerous levels-tests, kill everything and everyone in sight, destroy insolent criminals and ordinary people. In general, do everything. what you can think of. 

An unbelievable number of weapons are available to you in POSTAL 1. You've got pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, and even rocket launchers and Molotov cocktails. But you have to use it all to the best of your ability. The fact is that on each new level you will be given tasks, and they will all be based on as many people destroyed as possible.


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Somewhere you will have to kill a certain number of people, somewhere you will have to survive a certain amount of time, and somewhere you will have to find an important item. The options are many, and each time there will be blood pouring all around you. And for completing each of these tasks you will receive some kind of reward (a weapon or something). 

Otherwise this is your typical over-the-top action game where you will have to shoot and kill everything that moves, skirmish with the police, pass the tests and complete the missions.
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