Poster of Raskat Genres: RPG, indie
Year of release: 2019
Developers: North Lab

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v0.0.2 (Last)

Raskat is a cool tactical survival role-playing game in which you will have to plunge into the atmosphere of despair and try to survive in a city that has been almost destroyed by a faction war by a terrible incident..

The events of the game take place on the expanse of an unusual small town. Once here scientists conducted various experiments, but, as it happens in such cases, a terrible newly invented virus leaked. The leakage has caused a biological disaster, and now the city has turned into a veritable ruin. But that's nothing compared to what happened next - now the survivors have been divided into six factions, and each wants to gain power over the entire city. Well, the players are invited to play the role of an ordinary man and try to survive in such a strange and dark environment. 

The gameplay here is pretty simple and based on the mechanics of most tactical role-playing games. That is, you will explore the vast expanses of a large city with a view from above, perform various tasks, develop, level up. And along the way, fight a variety of enemies from different factions.


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But the most important advantage of this game lurks in the combat system. In Raskat you will have to use shelters and tactical maneuvers in battles with enemies, because it is the only way to survive and defeat the enemy. You will use shelters, hide behind walls, shoot your enemies from behind corners, spy and much more. And not every battle will be the best option - sometimes it is better to hide and bypass the enemy. Although there are a lot of other options. For example, you can watch, how two factions shoot each other and then attack the survived, you can loot or join one of the factions to get the "pluses". 

You'll also find a wide arsenal of weapons, various equipment, dozens of interesting and challenging missions, and much, much more.
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Game Version: v0.0.2 (Last)
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