Poster of ROGUE SHIFT Genres: action, shooter, RPG, arcade, adventure
Year of release: 2020
Developers: Far-Flung Games

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: Demo Version (Last)

ROGUE SHIFT (Infinite Desolation) is a cool rogue-lite action game with crazy battles against bloodthirsty enemies, a sea of weapons, widespread explosions and mayhem, and much more..

The game takes place at the moment when the main character crashes his shuttle far away from the outpost and finds himself surrounded by vicious, bloodthirsty enemies. What to do now and how to survive at least the first five minutes? How to get to the nearest outpost, and what to do with the oxygen that is running out? This is what you have to find out as you play. But don't think it will be easy! In this game, your skills, abilities, and ability to make quick decisions will be put to the test..

So now you're surrounded by a huge number of enemies, with a minimal supply of resources and a reduced amount of ammo. Try to survive the horror in store for you. You will have to survive all the time, fighting with endless hordes of enemies, smashing everything around and creating havoc that would make even you feel uncomfortable.


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A vast, partially open world will be at your disposal. You'll find a lot of great stuff here. Somewhere you will find useful supplies. And somewhere else something. You can loot and pillage buildings that you find on your way, you can buy and sell, explore your surroundings, and more. Over time, you'll find many different weapons, more ammo, and more, all of which will increase your chances of survival.

And speaking of which, ROGUE SHIFT has several gameplay modes. For example, the mode "Escape", in which you have to run forward for a while to get to the right point, or the mode "Doomed", which will have to beat off the endless attacks of enemies. In general, you will not be bored.
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Game Version: Demo Version (Last)
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