Poster of Roguelands Genres: Action, RPG, Adventure, Platformer
Year of release: 2015
Developers: SmashGames

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.6 Ghz
RAM: 512 MB
Disk Space: 450 MB

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v1.5.1 - Full Last Version

Roguelands is a cool space action-adventure with a mix of role-playing game and platformer, in which you have to travel through space via special teleporter and to fight with numerous enemies in order to get valuable resources..

According to the plot, the Earth has long been in ruins. Mankind has been opened a portal to some other dimension from which Evil has come, destroying everything in its path, planet by planet. You, as a galactic cadet, must embark on a difficult journey around the planets to get as many resources as possible before a certain "Destroyer" comes and destroys everything. 

The gameplay in Roguelands is pretty simple and boils down to several aspects. The first and most important aspect is to explore the surrounding 2D world, where enemies, meteorites, traps, and various loot await you at every corner. The second aspect is crafting - by extracting various resources, chips, ingredients, and more, you will make potions, weapons, chips, and not only. And the third aspect is the battles, both with usual monsters and with bosses. 

The most interesting part is in the revival mechanics. When you die, you lose everything you've accumulated, all your loot that was on your character. But there is a base on which you can store everything, and from where you will start the journey again after you die. Everything on the base is saved.


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Another thing that makes this game special is the unimaginable amount and variety of loot. Numerous weapons, equipment, chips, allowing to improve the characteristics of the character, potions, and much, much more - all this will help you become stronger, to pump up and overcome even the most powerful bosses. But beware, every move you make could be your last, because the enemies are not that weak, and the traps are deadly.
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Game Version: v1.5.1 - Full Last Version
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