Poster of Sand A Superfluous Game Genres: Action, RPG, Sandbox, Survival
Year of release: 2019
Developers: Voided Pixels Studio

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v0.6.15 - Early Access [Last Version]

Sand: A Superfluous Game is an Action-Survival role-playing sandbox game in which you have to survive in a vast apocalyptic world that has become a wasteland of ruins

The once flourishing Earth has been turned into ruins. Virtually the entire population of the planet is dead, and the few survivors have remained on the surface of the planet and have begun to fight for their lives in every way possible. The cause of all that is happening is a meteorite that fell to the Earth's surface. He has erased everything in his path, turned green fields into wasteland and cities into ruins. And that's the kind of environment you have to survive in. 

The gameplay is pretty standard, as for a survival game with an admixture of role-playing. It is based on three important aspects. First up is exploring the world around you. It is vast, divided into many seamless locations, dangerous and unpredictable, and you will have to wander its expanses and explore everything you can see. The second aspect - resource extraction, which will be useful in the process of survival. Some will allow you to build a base, a shelter, others are needed to make weapons, and still others will serve as weapons for you. Well and the third aspect, is the battles with numerous enemies. You think you'll be hampered only by other survivors eager to profit at your expense? Wrong ! Monsters, mutants and wild animals also will not leave you alone.


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On top of everything else, you will surely enjoy the unpredictable nature of the events. Someone will ask for help from you, someone will attack, somewhere an NPC will appear ready to tell you where to find this or that resource, and somewhere something big will happen. This world is unpredictable and mysterious, and you need to survive in it, whatever it takes.
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Game Version: v0.6.15 - Early Access [Last Version]
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