Poster of Satisfactory Genres: simulator, adventure, action, first person
Year of release: 2019
Developers: Coffee Stains
Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-3570k (3.4 Ghz)
RAM: 8 Gb
Videocard: GTX 660 (2 GB)
Disk Space: 17.6 GB
Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v0.5.1.7 build 175911 - Early Access [Last Version]

Satisfactory - is an action-adventure shooter with a mixture of construction and simulation, in which you will have to go to a distant uncharted planet and try to establish a real industrial colony on it

According to the plot you create a character and go from the space shuttle straight to the surface of the unexplored planet. It is a bit like Earth and is full of greenery, plants, beautiful nature, fossils, minerals and reservoirs. There are only two major differences from Earth - The first is resources in incredible quantities, preserved in the absence of industry on the planet, and wildlife based on alien fauna.

It is when you arrive on the planet that your adventures begin. First you will have to learn the local flora and fauna. You will be able to travel the vastness of this planet, get acquainted with the local wildlife, explore plants and minerals, and find a place for the future colony. But beware - Wild animals will not all just stare at you, some will even attack you and you will have to fight them off.


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And then Satisfactory involves building an industry. You will have to find locations for minerals and other resources, erect various plants, mines, factories in these locations, set up automated production of various materials (metal ingots and more), and send it all into orbit to sell. The more you produce, the more money you can earn, and the more new buildings you can erect.

After a while you will see a huge automated production, with conveyors, mines, plants, factories, transport and much more.
Here you can download Satisfactory's Quest torrent latest version for free on PC.

The version of the game in the distribution: build 175911

Use ad blocker when downloading from zippyshare.
Also turn on/off VPN if the patch page does not load.

Do not forget to make a copy of your saves before changing the version of the game. They are located in the folder "%localappdata%\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames\"
Installing the game (different ways): In the distribution are present online and offline fixes. Choose one of them and play.
To switch from one fix to another, download the distribution or delete all files of the previous fix and apply the new fix.

Launch with Epic Launcher (online fix)
Functionality Checked: 13.05.2021
0. Delete universal offline fix files.
1. Go to https://www.epicgames.The video: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit) and click on GREAT EPIC GAMES DOWNLOAD at the top right.
2. Install the launcher and run the.
3. Register for a new account. Don't use your main account!
4. Download "Hello Mod Kit", Get up to 1-2%, then pause. Don't mention it again.
5. Unpack Satisfactory_Fix_Repair_Epic_V4_Generic.7z into the Satisfactory main folder.
6. Launch Launcher.exe as administrator. Game will launch automatically.

Launch without Epic Launcher (offline fix)
Working Tested: 24.11.2021
Please install this fix only on clean version of the game without applying any other fixes

With Launcher
1) Download / Mirror and extract the archive into a folder with the game.
2) Launch SLauncher and press "Play".
3) To install the patches, run SLauncher and simply drag and drop .exe patch file in the Launcher window.

Installation by hand
1) Download universal fix/mirror
2) Unzip it with replacement in the folder with the game.
3) Run the game with "Start Game.bat".
To avoid errors when installing subsequent patches For subsequent updates with patches in the path \SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\Steamworks\Steamv147\Win64 must be renamed:
-----------It was---------------------became---
steam_api64.dll ►►► steam_api64Golberg.dll
steam_api64orig.dll ►► steam_api64.dll
After installing all the patches along the same path change:
------------It was---------------------became---
steam_api64.dll ►► steam_api64orig.dll
steam_api64Golberg.dll ►►► steam_api64.dll

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Game Version: v0.5.1.7 build 175911 - Early Access [Last Version]
Download Size: 17.55 GB

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