Poster of Screeps Genres: strategy, simulation, adventure, indie
Year of release: 2016
Developers: Screeps

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: Full Last Version

Screeps is a very interesting game with a mix of strategic and programming elements, in which you will have adventures, develop your own colony, and hundreds of scripts to help you program every action without exception..

The plot is quite simple - you will have to deal with the development of their own colony, to create units, to mine resources and construction, to manage the units, which will have to perform various actions, including fighting, mining, construction, and not only. In fact, there's nothing unusual in terms of the scenario here. But that's not the point, because the main advantage of this game is not the story, but the gameplay

The gameplay here is based primarily on the programming. You can not just take, allocate units and give them orders to do this or that - everything is much more complicated here. For a unit to perform an action, it must be programmed to do so - and so must every other unit of an identical model. By trial and error you will program your units, then watch how they act and execute your orders, check the scripts for errors, and monitor the overall action model.


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The most interesting thing is that unlike in other similar games you won't have to rewrite the same commands in the text editor each time for the unit to act - it is enough to program the unit once and it will act according to your instructions even if you are not looking after it.

Well, in addition to everything else in Screeps you will have to capture enemy territory, defend against the armies of other players and survive based on programming. In general, you will find a very entertaining gameplay, and a sea of scripts, on which the fate of your entire settlement will depend.
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