Poster of She Sees Red Genres: adventure, indie, video insert
Year of release: 2019
Developers: Rhinotales

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 / AMD A6 (2.4 Ghz)
RAM: 2 Gb
Videocard: DirectX 11.0
Disk Space: 2.46 GB

Type: RePack
Crack: Included (ALI213)
Game Version: v 1.0 Update 2 - Full Last Version

She Sees Red (She's Angry) is a quest with an admixture of interactive cinema, in which all the characters are real actors. A detective investigation, several story endings and a multitude of solutions await you..

The events of the game take place in a nightclub, where a series of bizarre brutal murders have taken place. A girl detective arrives on the scene with her assistant, but all her attempts to make sense of what happened are hampered by the grim and cruel owner of the club. You will have to take part in all these events. In the course of the game, you will have to take a lot of decisions for the actors, the characters they play, one way or another affect the storyline. 

The most interesting thing is that at the heart of She Sees Red is more than an hour and a half of realistic film footage, video splashes, and the fact that almost every splash screen here has at least two variants. One variant can transmit some events, while the other variant can transmit the opposite events. Each time, the variant of the splash screen will depend on what decision you have made the day before. For example, in one of the video fragments you will be able to decide to act according to the plan, or to improvise, and what happens next will depend on the chosen variant.


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All of your actions and decisions will lead to one of four endings in one way or another, and trust me, none of the endings are expected. The storyline of this interactive game will amaze you with its unpredictability and busyness. 

Plunge into the dangerous game of the killer who kills people in a nightclub for no apparent reason and doesn't even try to escape, uncover the killer's identity and try to find him, find out what the club owner is hiding and how his daughter is connected to this story, and most importantly, influence the story with your decisions..
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Game Version: v 1.0 Update 2 - Full Last Version
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