Poster of Silent Hill 3 Genres: action, shooter, horror, 3rd person logic
Year of release: 2003
Developers: Team Silent
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Pentium III / Athlon (1 Ghz)
RAM: 256 MB
Videocard: GeForce3Ti / Radeon 8500 (32 MB, DirectX 8.1)
Disk Space: 5 GB
Type: RePack
Crack: Included
Game Version: Full Last Version

Silent Hill 3 - action-adventure with a dash of , Continuing the events of the first numbered game in the series. Cursed Silent Hill, new adventures, and a sea of horror await you

The events of the game again take place in the expanse of the legendary cursed city called Silent Hill, in which all the nightmares and fears of people materialize. And the plot itself revolves around a girl named Heather, who suddenly discovers. What is the kidnapped daughter of the very Alessa Gillespie, which is the reason for the horror that has now engulfed the entire city. And the best part begins as Heather heads home

The gameplay in Silent Hill 3 follows the same mechanics as in the second installment of the series. You will still be wandering around dark locations, fighting off monsters that will attack you from the darkness, completing quests, solving puzzles, and doing much more. At the same time was added to the game and a few new interesting mechanics. For example, the main character now walks around with a flashlight and a radio, which starts blaring when monsters approach. This is the way to signal the danger.

Other than that, it's still the same horror game. Most of the monsters are taken from the previous game, except for the heroes who will confront or help the protagonist.


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Of course, you'll have to fight and shoot. So, you will have a variety of weapons at your disposal, like a shotgun, machine gun, pistol and explosives, as well as edged weapons like a mace, katana and taser. You will also unlock different costumes to dress your heroine in, and even special auxiliary equipment.

Try your hand at Silent Hill, the cursed city, and unravel the puzzle that binds the curse of the city and Alessa, the mother of the protagonist
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