Poster of Skul Genres: arcade, platformer, RPG
Year of release: 2019
Developers: SouthPAWGames

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: Demo Version v1.1c (Last)

Skul is an unusual in its essence horror-platformer in which players are invited to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a strange world where only the undead live, and try to protect this world from pesky heroes, adventurers..

The events of the game take place originally in the world of the undead, where adventurers broke into the castle and kidnapped its owner. You will play a little skeleton named Skul, who has to find his kidnappers and rescue his master by all means. But it's not going to be that easy. Not only do you have to fight with heroes and adventurers on the road, but a variety of monsters every now and then block your path. 

As for the gameplay, it uses mostly the simplest mechanics. You will travel through huge two-dimensional locations, fight numerous monsters using different weapons and a variety of abilities, kill huge bosses, collect coins, and level up. Nothing complicated at all. That said, the game also has one cool feature..


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The main peculiarity of Skul lies in the unusual system of the main character's upgrade. The main character is a skeleton, and he can change the head, removing his skull, and putting in its place the other ones found on the expanses of locations. Each skull is unique in its own way, and can bestow unique abilities that were once possessed by its previous owner. For example, putting the minotaur skull on the main character's body, you can start hitting enemies with special attacks and perform powerful damaging jerks, and another skull allows you to quickly wield a sword and crush enemies with an axe, for example. There are quite a few options, by the way..

Otherwise this is a typical platformer with a side view, where you are waiting for the battle with monsters, battles with bosses, dozens of unusual locations and a great story
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Game Version: Demo Version v1.1c (Last)
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