Poster of SpiderHeck Genres: Action, arcade, indie
Year of release: 2020
Developers: neverjam

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v0.70.4 - Early Access [Last Version]

SpiderHeck is a mix of action and competitive co-op. Here you will face crazy battles of spiders with different weapons, including lightsabers..

Basically, it's kind of a fighting game, with some crazy battles waiting for you in cooperative mode. You will take control of one of the spiders and fight against other opponents with a variety of weapons. You'll have different kinds of weapons, cool lightsabers, spacious arenas with traps, and more. Try to defeat all your opponents in this environment and stay alive as the only survivor. Believe me, it won't be easy..

Battles take place in small, but given the size of the spiders, spacious arenas. The arenas themselves look very specific. You've got traps, rotating blocks, unstable objects and much, much more. Yes, and at the heart of it all can be lava. But you play as a spider, which means that you can move around on all kinds of planes, run overhead, jump, glide on the web, and do many other things.


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The spiders themselves are created on the basis of rag models, and they behave accordingly. But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that in battle, these spiders can use a variety of weapons. The main weapon is a huge lightsaber - swing it around in a deadly dance, destroying your enemies, throw it and launch it at the enemy like a boomerang. There are more than enough options here.

And in SpiderHeck you will also find levels with additional challenges and other weapons. For example, you can have at your disposal a rocket fist, a plasma gun, a bomb, and more. As a result, battles turn into very real massacres. Fight, and most importantly, win..
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Game Version: v0.70.4 - Early Access [Last Version]
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