Poster of Stay Safe Genres: RPG, indie
Year of release: 2019
Developers: Lance

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v0.58.0.1 (Last)

Stay Safe is a challenging, complex, but quite interesting indie RPG, in which you have to go down into dangerous dungeons and pass a huge number of levels in order to get to the very top..

Hobo Cat Adventures: A Place for Unwilling was once a dungeon built for the worst criminals, divided into multiple levels and containing all the most dangerous criminals in the world. Now you are there too, and you have to do everything possible to get out of the dungeon and survive. But it will not be easy, because, firstly, you will be hindered by all sorts of enemies, and secondly, there is no save. Yes, yes, the game is very hardcore, you can not save, has no checkpoints, and generally, makes pretty nervous, time and again sending careless players in the very beginning. 

The gameplay in Stay Safe is based on three important aspects. The first aspect, is to go through numerous levels and explore each of them with the aim of finding something useful. You will have more than thirty levels at your disposal, and in each of them you will find something useful. The second aspect is the battles - at each level will be narrow corridors and rooms with enemies that can not be jumped past. You will have to fight them, and many of them are much stronger than you. And the third aspect is pumping and crafting, based on the search for items and creation of useful things.


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In general, the gameplay is quite simple. Pass levels, level up, find useful items and create necessary things from various "stuff", fight enemies and mini-bosses, and solve a lot of puzzles along the way. Nothing complicated. But each new enemy will be the challenge that will make you nervous for sure. Believe me, one try in this game is not enough - you will have to die a lot and often.
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Game Version: v0.58.0.1 (Last)
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