Poster of Super Mario Generations Genres: arcade, platformer, indie
Year of release: 2019
Developers: Ostrich101

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: (Last)

Super Mario Generations is one of the best platformers of our time, a game based on the project that left a bright mark in the gaming history. You will be playing as Super Mario again, but now you will have much more crazy adventures..

Mario is once again at your command, the same hero who once saved numerous princesses and slayed dragons right in their castles. But now more epic, fast, dynamic and extreme adventures await you. Plus, you now get advanced 2D graphics, sometimes morphing into full 3D, more colorful and colorful characters, scary and huge monsters, and bosses that will make your hair curl. 

The gameplay of Super Mario Generations in fact remains faithful to tradition and offers the same kind of passing through numerous levels. You'll once again run through levels, jump on the heads of all sorts of enemies, kill monsters, jump over ledges and over cliffs, collect coins and secret power-ups, smash blocks with your head, and do much more. 

Plus, Mario now has some awesome new abilities at his disposal. For example, he can pick up acceleration and leap off the ground at incredible speed, thus running incredible gaps of levels in a matter of seconds. Truly, you will need to use your reaction and thinking speed to be able to control your hero in such moments.


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And another new feature - added levels in which you will not watch the hero from the side, and with a view from the back of the third person - mostly special levels in front of the bosses, where you must run forward without stopping and collect all sorts of bonuses, jumping over obstacles along the way and not only. There are also levels with bosses, where in a few seconds you can destroy the boss by making the right moves and recreating the right combination of movements.
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