Poster of The Fallen Kings Genres: Action, Fighting, 3rd Person
Year of release: 2020
Developers: Polyethyleneglykol

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: Alpha v18.12.2020 - Early Access [Last Version]

The Fallen Kings is an atmospheric and very realistic third-person action game set in an alternate Middle Ages, where you will have to fight against numerous enemies on the battlefield..

The developers have not yet revealed the plot, but if we believe the preliminary information, you have to take control of the king and plunge into a series of battles between two nations, kingdoms, in the vast partially open world. Armed with a sword or other weapon of your choice, equipped with whatever you like and headed to the battlefield, you will fight numerous enemies shoulder to shoulder with your comrades, companions and soldiers. 

The essence of the game is fairly simple, but as for the gameplay, so it is just full of all sorts of mechanics. For example, every single battle is worth a lot. Every battle is different, every enemy is different, and every battle is different.


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Here during the battle you can't just run forward and beat everyone in sight, just like you can't wave your sword left and right trying to tangentially hit someone. In this game it is important to use tactics, to think over a strategy of behavior on the battlefield, to move fast and dynamically, to calculate every strike and every movement. You'll have to parry and parry enemy attacks, dodge your enemies' blows, sidestep, maneuver, and do much, much more. 

Separately it is also worth mentioning the customization of the character. You can make your character truly unique, using a variety of additional equipment, equipment items, and more. Customize your hero the way you want and take to the battlefield. 

And there are also different modes waiting for you in The Fallen Kings, including a duel or multiplayer battle mode, a sea of skills and abilities, realistic professional hero voicing, and not only. 
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Game Version: Alpha v18.12.2020 - Early Access [Last Version]
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