Poster of Therefore Genres: Point & Click, adventure, logic indie
Year of release: 2019
Developers: Trim Tangle

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: Demo Version Build 20210702 (Latest)

Therefore is a mix of indie game and RPG, a game in which you will have to go to an unusual living open world that is dying over time from a strange entity, a force that threatens all the realms of this world..

Events begin the moment the main character awakens from his slumber. He remembers nothing, his memories are lost somewhere, and everything around him is destroyed by an unknown, powerful force called "Degradation. What is this power, and how to save the world without getting yourself killed? Well, you will soon find out everything, and what is more, you will gain the power to do everything by your own hand.

A huge open world, strange and mystical creatures overflowing in it, a realm with flora and fauna and a huge number of characters and enemies, unexpected events and much more - all this creates an atmosphere in which you will have to play. You will be able to explore a huge open world, trying to find a way to save it. And everywhere in Therefore you will be waiting for events that can turn your world upside down, or destroy it. But don't worry, already after a while you will gain the power to turn back time - if you need, turn back the day and live it one more time, considering all the mistakes of the last time.


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The entire world here is made up of energy entities that you can collect. Collect essences from the items and creatures of the world and use them to create items that will help you gain even more power. Survive, fight, collect essences and complete quests, forge weapons and items from collected material, solve puzzles and unravel mysteries. Now the fate of the entire world depends on you, Wanderer.

And also a lot of unexpected meetings and random events, which one way or another will influence the course of events and the world around you, await you in the course of the game.
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Game Version: Demo Version Build 20210702 (Latest)
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