Poster of Viva Project Genres: Simulation, indie, 1st person, VR game
Year of release: 2018
Developers: Viva Dev

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v0.8.03 (Last)

Viva Project is a very unusual in its essence simulator, in which you can create a girl, with whom you will spend a lot of time for a variety of activities..

There is no story or specific campaign. This is essentially a virtual reality sandbox in which you can get a girlfriend to spend time with. The game is somewhat similar in principle to Tamagotchi, but offers not a pet, but a real person. A girl, yes one that you will like. 

You will have to start the game by creating a character, the very girl who will later spend time with you. There are many variations and layouts you can follow and use. You can also edit each girl as you want. And then start playing.


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The gameplay here is simple and does not offer any complicated actions. All you need is to use hand gestures to provoke the girl to certain actions. For example, you can lure her and together with her go on a journey to the local bright and beautiful world, you can tickle her, you can start photographing her or something else. And the coolest thing is that on all your actions it will react as realistically as possible. For example, by starting to pet her on the head, you'll see her get annoyed, and by tearing up a picture she likes, you'll provoke resentment. And she can also get angry, laugh, be surprised, and do many, many other things. 

The heroine in Viva Project is capable of emitting a huge variety of emotions, and each emotion will look very, very realistic. In general, it will be really interesting. Create a girl that you like and just spend time with her..
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Game Version: v0.8.03 (Last)
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