Poster of WanderWoods Genres: adventure, indie, first person
Year of release: 2021
Developers: hedgefield

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v0.3.0 - Early Access [Last Version]

WanderWoods is just an exploratory game where players are invited to simply walk through a wild forest, enjoying the nature and walking on trails that have not been trampled by the foot of man for a long time..

There is no storyline here, but there is a gist, and it consists of a typical walk through a wild forest, among wildlife. 2 Ghz - overgrown forests, trees and bushes where no one has set foot in for a long time. There is no action or any puzzles, and there is nothing else. It is simply a walking simulator, designed specifically so that the person playing this game can get the most out of the most ordinary walk. 

By the way, the author of the project literally walked through an identical forest himself. During the quarantine and self-imposed isolation, the developer was constantly walking his dog through this forest. if his words are to be believed, and decided that his experience must surely be passed on to someone, somehow to be used. As a result, he created this walking simulator, adding to it what he saw in reality. 

Graphics is the main advantage of this game. Realistic display of the whole world, a huge number of detailed textures, detailed textures of trees, bushes, grass and even the leaves on those bushes - all this creates the impression of really not playing the game, and walk in the wild forest. Even the weather conditions that change as you walk through the forest are worked out in great detail and give you so much fun that it's hard to imagine.


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At the moment, the game works as it should, only on computers with good specs, but in the future the developer promises to add lower quality textures and optimize the game. 

Install WanderWoods and go for a walk, enjoy the wildlife and watch the whole environment change, walk on long forgotten trails and just relax, enjoying the "music of nature" that the birds make. rustle the leaves, and all the rest.
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Game Version: v0.3.0 - Early Access [Last Version]
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