Poster of Warcraft 2 Edition Genres: Strategy
Year of release: 1999
Developers: 2.02
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 500 MHz
RAM: 64 MB
Videocard: 8 MB, with support DirectX
Disk Space: 500 MB
Type: RePack
Crack: Included
Game Version: v2.02 (Update 4 (30.07.20)) - Full Last Version

Warcraft 2 Edition - is a re-release of the acclaimed real-time strategy game about the war between the Human Alliance and the Orcish Horde. Here you will have adventures, epic battles, and much more

The game takes place in a legendary universe in which a war has broken out between the Orcs, who came from another world, and the humans, who founded the Alliance and created the kingdom of Azeroth. You will have to choose one of the sides and try to earn the right to own the territories of Azeroth. But don't think it will be easy, because, first, both races are strong in their own way, and secondly, during the game you will have to face a lot of tests and challenges.

As for gameplay, it's in Warcraft 2 Battle.Net Edition is quite simple and is based on the standard mechanics of the genre. There's exploring map territories, gathering the resources you need to create units and build buildings, producing units, learning new technologies, battling, and much, much more. The project inherits all the known mechanics of the original game, but with more beautiful graphics and detailed environment.

The great thing about this game is the diversity of its maps, buildings, resources and, last but not least, the variety of units. You will have dragons, griffins, airships, battleships, death knights, boats and even elven archers. And each unit is unique in its own way in this game, has its own unique characteristics and can make an important impact on the battle in its own way.


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A total of almost three dozen scenarios await you, divided between two story campaigns. You will command your chosen race, command troops, create units, capture key points, extract resources and do whatever it takes to win a fierce battle between two different worlds.

Also here waiting for you custom maps (over 50 pieces), new units, new legendary heroes, voice-over dialogues and more
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Repack Features:
- Resources of the original installer, commercials were cut out;
- Game patched to version 2.02;
- Music of low quality 22 KHz is replaced by music of high quality 44 KHz (taken from the DOS version);
- Added maps from the GOG license (folder Community)
- The game includes a Rapper, which can be used to run the game in high resolution;
- Tested on Windows 10 x64, the game works fine without color distortion.

Change Resolution:
In the folder with the game open ddraw.ini and enter the width and height in pixels in the lines width and height. For example:
The game runs in its native 640x480 resolution using the antialiasing filter and stretches to the resolution you specify. The quality of the picture looks like a game emulators.
Ddraw Problems:
- F10 and Alt keys pause the game.[/spoiler]

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Game Version: v2.02 (Update 4 (30.07.20)) - Full Last Version
Download Size: 550 MB

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